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Blood Tide is a multiplayer, online, action, real-time strategy game for the PC. Two players battle each other using either the Human faction or the Piscivian (fish people) faction. The game allows players to experience both the strategic management of an army and the fast-paced, action-packed combat on the battlefield alongside other troops.

Command Mode (RTS):
In command mode, the game plays like an RTS. Players can expect familiar controls, such as clicking to select units and right clicking to move them. Each faction has three bases that spawn a unique type of unit - this gives the player three unique units to battle with.

Field Mode (Action):
In field mode, the game plays like an action game using a WASD control scheme. The player can play as a special version of a unit. Instead of just watching commanders perform actions, players must actually aim their skills and dodge enemies. In addition to the regular unit abilities, commanders can earn ranks by killing enemies and unlock new abilities.